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Sometimes in life we have to fight for those who can’t fight themselves. The journey may not always be easy but we do what we are called to do! I couldn’t imagine taking such a leap without someone like Mary Kristen Galanos by my side! She has a good head on her shoulders and is not afraid to speak her mind !! I will say that MK was more than just an attorney during the time she worked on the case for my family. She became our friend! I never had to worry about her answering my emails or phone calls, heck she even answered my call when she was in the hospital in labor . Now that’s dedication! I have the utmost respect for her and I know she will always stand for what she believes in. Thank you again MK for everything you did for our family.

– Shannon T.

I used Mary Kristen a couple years ago when I was going through a divorce. It turned out to be a very tough custody battle and one that was not an average case, as my ex-wife took the kids out of state. Mary Kristen was extremely knowledgeable and hard working in my case. Her expertise and advice was truly exceptional and she was always able to make me feel better about the end result. From the beginning she was there to answer any questions at any time and explain what was proceeding in the case and the direction we were taking. Due to Mary Kristen and her knowledge and hard work I got custody of my kids. I can not imagine using anyone other than her and very highly recommend her. I could not have done it without her and will remain forever grateful for Mary Kristen and all she did for me and my kids.

– Duffey T.

Mary Kristen is a wonderful person and a fierce attorney. She will work hard for you. She has represented me multiple times and each time she made sure the case resulted in my favor. She is diligent, compassionate, and she is also fiscally responsible with your retainer. I wouldn’t enter court with anyone else.

– Zack A.

I consulted with other attorneys about my custody matter before I met MK. Everyone else told me I’d never get the outcome in my case I knew was best for my child, and instilled no confidence in me regarding my case. Thank God I kept searching and found Mary Kristen! She is a ferocious attorney who will fight for what you want and what is right. Because of her I have full custody of my son! When talking to MK she talks to you and not down to you and explains everything thoroughly. I can’t thank her enough for the peace of mind I have knowing that my son is safe! MK exceeded my expectations and I would hire her again in a heartbeat, though I hope I never have to.

– Caitlyn B.